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Way 2 GO Maine

A Business to Business Commuter Challenge October 1-21

October is National Rideshare month and to celebrate GO MAINE is having a 21-day competition, Way 2 GO Maine, a Business to Business Commuter Challenge! Don’t you want to win? Then join us October 1-21!

It’s fun and it’s easy. Sign up, log your trips, earn prizes, post on social media and beat out your competition! It’s a great team-building, healthy, carbon footprint-reducing, money saving event for your company.

Sound like fun?? Here’s how you can take part:

  • Your company can designate a Way 2 GO Maine Team Champion at your workplace – this is the person who is part cheerleader, part know-it-all and part GO MAINE Helper. No Champion, no problem just contact us at GOMAINE@Maineturnpike.com and let us know you want to be part!!!

  • YOU can log in or sign up (those buttons up there on the right) and start logging your commutes

  • Promote, Promote, Promote!! Let your co workers know about the event; you want to beat out your competition don’t you? Post on social media, hang up posters, sing a song, do a dance – whatever it takes!

  • Finally, get your greener commute on! Find a carpool partner, get out the bike, hop on the bus and then record your trips on our leaderboard at gomaine.nuride.com You let us know what you did and get to check in on your competitors.

Prizes will be awarded for the most greener trips traveled, most new GO MAINE members and most team spirit!

Want more information? Want GO MAINE to come to your business to explain more? Give us a call at 207-482-8122 or drop us an email at gomaine@maineturnpike.com

Way 2 GO MAINE!!

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GO Maine’s Mission Statement:

GO Maine is a collaboration of the Maine Turnpike Authority and the MaineDOT which promotes healthy, economical, and eco-friendly modes of travel by:

  • Providing ride matching for commuters;
  • Assisting employers and employees with commuter options;
  • Working with planning agencies, businesses, advocacy groups, and other partners to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles in Maine.


Use Transit? Sign up for GO Maine

Are you already riding transit, like METRO? ZOOM? Community Connector? If so you can sign up for GO Maine and be eligible for rewards and the Emergency Ride Home.

In addition two local bus systems are offering discounts for GO Mainers!

The ZOOM from Biddeford/Saco is now offering a reward to GO Mainers You can get $5 off a local monthly pass OR $10 off a ZOOM quarterly pass. zoom2


Greater Portland METRO offers $3.50 off a 10 Ride Ticket OR $5 off a Regional Monthly PassMETROlogo07_001


What a deal for something  you are already doing!

Click here to learn more and sign up.


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How to get your Emergency Ride Home

You do know as a GO Mainer you are legible for the Emergency Ride Home Benefit? In the case of a work day emergency you can have a rental car for the day or in some areas a taxi ride home??

Did you know that you must record your trips (at least 3 round trips in the last 7 days) in order to get the Emergency Ride Home? But you are doing that anyway, right??  You should be recording your trips, it’s how you get rewarded for your green trips!

Recording your trips is easy, you create a trip,  save it if you do it regularly and you can record your trips up to 30 days in advance, you don’t have to do it everyday.  GO Maine has made it so easy!

So the lesson here is: RECORD YOUR TRIPS ! It is how you can get the Emergency Ride Home, it is how you get great rewards and it also gives the awesome people at GO Maine great data to help with the program.

Happy Commuting!!!


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