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Why drive alone to work when you can save half or more on your commute with GO MAINE? GO MAINE is Maine’s statewide commuter service providing access to low-cost, healthy, economical and eco-friendly options for commuting to and from work. From carpooling and vanpooling, to riding the bus, cycling, walking or teleworking, we help commuters revolutionize how they get to work. Join Maine’s commuter revolution today!

It’s faster and easier than ever to find a carpool or carpool partner, find an empty vanpool seat, get transit and bike commuting information, or find a Park & Ride lot. It’s also free.

By the Numbers: Commuting in Maine

29% of Maine workers commute between 30 and 90 minutes to work

$535 is the typical cost to maintain, operate or rent a single parking space

$6,600 is the average amount a Mainer spend annually to get to and from work

10% of Maine commuters carpool or vanpool (that’s the same as the national average)

15th Maine’s rank nationally for the percentage of bike commuters

0.6% the percentage of Mainers who use public transportation

550 the number of businesses in Maine that work with GO Maine

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