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Why drive alone to work when you can save half or more on your commute with GO MAINE? GO MAINE is Maine’s statewide commuter service providing access to low-cost, healthy, economical and eco-friendly options for commuting to and from work. From carpooling and vanpooling, to riding the bus, cycling, walking or teleworking, we help commuters revolutionize how they get to work. Join Maine’s commuter revolution today!

It’s faster and easier than ever to find a carpool or carpool partner, find an empty vanpool seat, get transit and bike commuting information, or find a Park & Ride lot. It’s also free.

Cycling and Driving Tips to Stay Safe

Cycling and Driving Tips to Stay Safe 

Cold weather is here and likely to stay. You can bike to work year round in Maine with some extra effort. Here are some tips to stay warm and safe.

  • Layers, layers and more layers– Remember to layer, wearing varying weights of clothing designed to wick, trap, hold and block.
  • Heads up– Depending on how cold it is out remember to use ear bands or ear warmers or even a skull cap made of synthetic fabric under your helmet to keep the heat in.
  • Be seen-Drivers may not expect to see hardy bikers out there in the winter months so make sure you wear brightly colored clothing with reflectors and use a good set of bicycle lights.
  • Drink up– Even though it’s not 80 out, you are likely sweating as much as you would in the summer. Make sure to maintain adequate hydration.


Cold weather means your commute could be on slippery, snow covered roads, here are some tips from the Maine Transportation Safety Coalition to stay safe on your winter commute.

  • Make sure you are visible-Maine law requires that headlights be turned on when wipers are in use.
  • Watch for snow removal equipment-from snow plows on the highway to snow shovels on sidewalks be on the lookout for people and equipment.
  • Slow down and keep a safe distance-if the road is wet or slipper it does not provide the grip your tires need; you have to drive slower than you would on a dry road.
  • Scrape and store-always scrape and clear snow from your vehicle and store emergency equipment (such as a blanket, shovel, sand, jumper cables) in your vehicle in case of a winter breakdown.
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