GO MAINE.org: Commuter Connections


It’s time your business joined the GO MAINE Nation. We offer businesses throughout Maine a no-cost, turnkey way to help your employees save money on their daily commute. Click here to contact the GO MAINE team.

GO MAINE is the statewide commuter program sponsored by the Maine DOT and Maine Turnpike Authority. GO MAINE works for your business or organization to create a customized commuter program that will benefit your company and your employees.

Big benefits for your business

PROVIDE EMPLOYEES WITH A FREE BENEFIT. Our carpool and vanpool ridematching service can help employees save big money on their daily commute.

HELP YOUR EMPLOYEES WITH STARTING A VANPOOL. We’ll help you start and maintain a money-saving vanpool program your employees will appreciate.

REDUCE PARKING REQUIREMENTS. Carpools and vanpools mean less congestion and fewer company dollars spent on parking.

RAISE MORALE AND INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY. It’s a fact that employees who carpool or vanpool are more likely to arrive on time, be less stressed and more productive.

EXPAND YOUR LABOR MARKET. A carpool and vanpool program can help attract and retain qualified employees.

SAVE MONEY ON TAXES. Your business can save money on payroll and other taxes when employees vanpool or ride transit.

ENHANCE YOUR PUBLIC IMAGE. Help your employees find economical, healthy and eco-friendly ways to work and you reduce traffic and pollution and help preserve your community’s quality of life.

Big benefits for your employees

SAVE BIG $. Sharing the ride in a carpool or vanpool means significant savings on gas, tolls, vehicle wear and tear and more; savings that add up fast!

EMERGENCY RIDE HOME GUARANTEE. It’s our carpool and vanpool guarantee! Whether it’s for unscheduled overtime, illness, a family crisis et al, your employee gets a free (or reimbursed) ride home in a taxi or rental car.

THERE’S NO OBLIGATION. Our commuter services are free, it’s fast and easy to sign up (online at www.gomaine.org or call toll-free 800.280.RIDE), and there’s no obligation.

PRE-TAX SAVINGS. Commuters who vanpool or ride transit are eligible for pre-tax deductions to pay for the service and reduce the cost.

We help get the word out

GO MAINE makes it easy to establish a successful commuter program at your company. We provide all the help you need: Brochures, posters, paycheck inserts, newsletter articles, e-news and more.

We’ll staff information tables  at your work site(s) –  we’ll even bring coffee and doughnuts – to make registering attractive and easy.

And there is www.gomaine.org, a great web site filled with useful information and news about local commuting options, available 24/7/365.

GO MAINE stays on the job with you, working with your staff to provide ongoing assistance so your employees always have the money-saving commuter information they need.

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