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Vanpools have it all:
Comfort, convenience & savings

Vanpools are comfortable and convenient, save you money, and reduce air pollution and traffic congestion by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.


Vanpools Serving Mainers

There are several vanpools in the state. Some are run by private vanpool companies and others are run by commuters just like you. Below are the vans that are registered with Go Maine and the contact information. If you have any questions or want more information about starting a vanpool please contact the Go MAINE team at GOMAINE@maineturnpike.com.

For more information about starting new van routes please contact our partner:


Enterprise logo

At Enterprise Rideshare you can Mike Moriarty at: Michael.W.Moriarty@ehi.com or (781) 238-2005

Remember if you sign up for a vanpool, sign up with GO MAINE to get rewards including the Emergency Ride Home Benefit.


Van P1
Travels Augusta to Portland
Starts at 6:40 from 10 Whitten Rd in Augusta, arrives in Portland at 7:30
Departs Portland at 4:30, arrives in Augusta at 5:50
Contact: Valerie Cordwell 776-4762

Van P2
Travels from Lyman with stops in Kennebunk to PNS
Starts at 5:30 from Lyman, arrives at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard at 6:20
Afternoon: Departs Portsmouth Naval Shipyard at 3:50, arrives in Lyman at 4:25
Contact Steven Harris  at swharris86@roadrunner.com

Van P3
Travels from Brunswick to various stops in Augusta
Starts at 7:00 from Brunswick, arrives in Augusta at 7:40
Departs Augusta at 4:38, arrives in Brunswick at 5:15
Contact Deane VanDusen 207-592-3198 (cell) 207-833-6370 (home)

Van P4
Travels from Gray with a stop in South Portland to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Starts at 5:00 from Gray park and ride, arrives PNS at 6:10
Departs PNS at 3:30, arrives in Gray at 4:40
Contact Fran Orcutt:  (207) 321-9514 or the_worka@yahoo.com

Van P5
Travels from Marginal Way in Portland to North Augusta with a stop in Yarmouth
Starts at 6:50 from Marginal Way park and ride, arrives Augusta at 7:45
Departs Augusta at 4:30, arrives in Portland at 5:45
Contact 239-7906 for more information

Van P6
Travels from Portland to Augusta
Starts at 6:50, arrives in Augusta at 7:50
Departs Augusta at 4:35, arrives in Portland at 5:35

Contact Mark: Mark.fisher@maine.gov

Van P7
Travels from Portland to Augusta
Starts at 6:55, arrives in Augusta at 8:00
Departs Augusta at 4:35, arrives in Portland at 5:40

Contact Tom Bradley: 807-5315 Thomas.1884@yahoo.com

Van P8
Travels from Portland to Augusta (east side)
Starts at 6:35, pick up Yarmouth 6:50, pick up Freeport 6:55 arrives in Augusta at 7:45
Departs at  4:25, drop off Freeport 5:20, drop off Yarmouth 5:25 Arrive Portland 5:35

Contact Jean Geslin: Jean.Geslin@maine.gov – 207-287-5696


Van 32178 Fort Fairfield to Limestone (DFAS)
Travels from White Hill St Fort Fairfield with various stops in Fort Fairfield
Starts at 5:50 from Fort Fairfield arrives at DFAS Limestone at 6:25
Departs at 3:05 from DFAS, arrives at White Hill St, Fort Fairfield at 3:42

Van 31673 Waterville to Augusta (Togus VA Hospital)
Travels from Fort Halifax State Park with one stop in Vassalboro
Starts at 6:50 from Waterville, arrives at Togus VA Hospital at 7:30
Departs Togus VA Hospital at 4:30 arrives at Fort Halifax State Park at 5:10

Van 35520 Washburn to Limestone (DFAS)
Travels from Crouseville in Washburn with stops in Washburn and Caribou
Starts at 5:25 from Washburn, arrives at DFAS Limestone at 6:20
Departs DFAS Limestone at 4:00, arrives Washburn at 4:50

Van 32659 Lisbon to Augusta (Togus VA Hospital)
Travels from Lisbon with stops in Lisbon Falls and Topsham
Starts at 6:30 from Lisbon, arrives at Togus VA Hospital at 7:25
Departs Togus VA Hospital at 4:30, arrives in Lisbon at 5:40

Van 35526 Lewiston to Augusta, East
Travels from Lewiston DMV with stops on Route 202 in Lewiston and stops in Winthrop and Hallowell            
Starts at 6:50from Lewiston, arrives in Augusta at 7:40
Departs Augusta at 4:30, arrives in Lewiston at 5:30

Van 35502 Portland to Augusta (AMHI Complex)
Travels from Marginal Way Portland with stops at the Yarmouth Visitor’s Center, in Augusta at Western Ave, Water Street, Maine General Hospital
Starts at 6:35 from Marginal Way Portland, arrives at Augusta AMH Complex 7:45
Departs Augusta at 4:25, arrives in Portland at 5:45 

Van 35116 Falmouth to Augusta (Togus VA Hospital)
Travels from Falmouth with stops in Freeport, Topsham, and Bowdoinham
Starts at 6:10 from the Falmouth Shopping Center, arrives in Augusta Togus VA Hospital at 7:20
Departs Augusta at 4:00, arrives Falmouth 5:15

Van 32975 Portsmouth NH to Boston MA (Haymarket)
Travels from Portsmouth NH with stops at north station Boston
Starts at 5:55 from the Exit 3 in Portsmouth, NH arrives at Haymarket 7:05
Departs Haymarket at 4:40, arrives in Portsmouth at 5:45

Travels from Bangor to Camp Keyes in Augusta with one stop in Pittsfield
Starts at 5:30 from Odlin Road park and ride in Bangor
Departs Augusta at 4:30


Carpools are a viable alternative to a vanpool. Log in to your GO MAINE NuRide account to search for potential carpool partners. GO MAINE staff can assist with the carpool search process as needed, so please let us know. For help contact us at 1-800-280-RIDE or gomaine@maineturnpike.com.

Start Your Own Vanpool

Commuters may choose to look into forming their own private vanpool. GO MAINE is has compiled some useful information available here.


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