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Way 2 GO MAINE was a blast!!

Here are some pics of all fun.

We are already working on improving things for 2018!! Feel free to read about the First Annual Challenge below.




Pssst Have you heard about Way 2 GO MAINE?


October is National Rideshare month and to celebrate GO MAINE is having a 21-day competition, Way 2 GO Maine, a Business to Business Commuter Challenge! Don’t you want to win? Then join us October 1-21!

It’s fun and it’s easy. Sign up, log your trips, earn prizes, post on social media and beat out your competition! It’s a great team-building, healthy, carbon footprint-reducing, money saving event for your company. And GO MAINE staff does most of the work!

Sound like fun?? Here’s how your business can take part:

  • Go to GOMAINE.org to learn more and check out the leaderboard
  • Designate a Way 2 GO Maine Team Champion at your workplace – this is the person who is part cheerleader, part know-it-all and part GO MAINE Helper. The Team Champion role description can be found below. No Champion, no problem just contact us at GOMAINE@Maineturnpike.com and let us know you want to be part!!!
  • Promote, Promote, Promote!! Let your team know about the event; you want to beat out your competition’s teams don’t you? Post on social media, hang up posters, sing a song, do a dance – whatever it takes!
  • Finally, get your greener commute on! Find a carpool partner, get out the bike, hop on the bus and starting Oct 1 record your trips on our leaderboard at gomaine.nuride.com You let us know what you did and get to check in on your competitors.

Prizes will be awarded for the most greener trips traveled, most new GO MAINE members and most team spirit!

Want more information? Want GO MAINE to come to your business to explain more? Give us a call at 207-482-8122 or drop us an email at gomaine@maineturnpike.com

Way 2 GO MAINE!!



Here is the latest press release about Way 2 GO MAINE



For IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 15, 2017                                Contact: Rebecca Grover



PORTLAND Maine- GO MAINE, Maine’s commuter program, is celebrating National Rideshare month with Way 2 GO MAINE, a Business to Business Commuter Challenge starting October 1. The goal of the event is to use friendly competition to get employers to encourage their employees to commute by some other means than the single occupancy vehicle.

Way 2 GO MAINE is way a great team-building, healthy, carbon footprint-reducing, money saving event for employers and employees” said Rebecca Grover, GO MAINE Coordinator “We want to make it fun and easy and tap into everyone’s competitive spirit.”

Commuters can sign up at www.GOMAINE.org and log the greener trips they take. They can also track their organizations progress on a leaderboard and see which companies are leading and by how much. Prizes are going to be awarded for most trips taken, most new GO MAINE members signed up and team spirit. Commuters will also receive prizes just for participating.

“Mainers have some long commutes which can be expensive and carpooling can at least cut those costs in half. For those who can, walking or biking are healthy options. Our hope is that if commuters try it during Way 2 GO MAINE that they will do it more often, freeing up parking spaces, cleaning the air and saving money” Grover said.

GO MAINE is a statewide commuter program funded by the Maine Turnpike Authority and the MaineDOT.

For more information on Way 2 GO MAINE or GO MAINE visit www.GOMAINE.org or contact Rebecca Grover at 207-482-8122 or rgrover@maineturnpike.com.

Interested in Being a Team Champion??


You are a champion, my friend

It is your privilege to give out information, high fives, fists bumps, kudos to your colleagues – all in the name of saving money, getting healthy, reducing your carbon footprint and being rewarded! Also, as an added bonus, GO MAINE will give out extra rewards to totally awesome Team Champions!

You are a cheerleader, my friend

Get your Team pumped up, get them psyched and most importantly get them signed up!! Do whatever it takes to get them on board, face to face conversations, emails, posters, karaoke in the lunch room, team naming contest…

And keep them motivated! GO MAINE will provide swag and social media buzz to keep them going but creating buzz in your workplace will help! So get the CEO in a dunk tank, provide free coffee, have a jeans day, whatever it takes to get folks involved! Remember you want to win and beat out all your competitors!

You are a know-it-all, my friend

You are the “go to”, the “know it all”, the “smarty pants” for Way 2 GO Maine. You can help answer questions about signing up and you can keep in touch with GO MAINE Staff with updates and photos that can be shared.  And you can send out the weekly reminders from GO MAINE, make motivational speeches, make announcements on the PA system, do an interpretive dance, whatever will work at your work!

Remember there is no time for losers, because you are the CHAMPION!



We’ve Got Spirit How About You??

Use #Way2GOMAINE to show your organizations spirit for the coveted Way 2 GO MAINE Spirit Award!!

Rules and Prizes

Eligibility “Way 2 GO MAINE” is open to any individual who is affiliated with a participating organization in Maine, as viewed on the leaderboard. If your organization would like to participate and is not listed, please contact gomaine@maineturnpike.com to have it added to the list. Challenge Period “Way 2 GO MAINE” runs from October 1 to October 21 2017.

How To Participate

Simply join GO MAINE or sign in to your existing GO MAINE account online. Once signed in, go to your GO MAINE profile and make sure your organization is specified so your results are counted! Then, simply record your greener trips and view your organization’s results on the leaderboard.

Leaderboard, or “Races” Results for greener trips, new GO MAINE members, and “team spirit” are tallied up for each organization on an ongoing basis and displayed on the leaderboard. Greener trips are determined by counting the trips recorded by GO MAINERS during the period. New members are determined by counting the new GO MAINE members who signed up to join the program during the period of September 1, 2017 through October 21, 2017. “Team spirit” is determined by GO MAINE staff who review social media postings and other promotional efforts undertaken by each organization.

Winners & Prizes

At the conclusion of the event, winning organizations will receive a framed photograph and certificate for the participating team and will have a donation given in the organization’s name to a charity whose mission is to improve air quality. Organizations can choose from the American Lung Association, the Audubon Society or the Arbor Day Foundation. Gifts are also awarded to participants throughout the challenge.


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