Employers, what can GO MAINE do for you??

GO MAINE can offer employers throughout Maine a no-cost way to help you and your employees save money and reduce your carbon footprint and create a less stressed, happy workplace. Who wouldn’t want that?

Contact GO MAINE staff to learn how they can help your business based on your individual needs.

  • Have an issue with parking? GO MAINE can help; we can match up commuters with others from your company or others nearby, more people carpooling means less cars in your lot.
  • Have an issue getting employees to your location? GO MAINE can help; we can work with you and a vanpool company to get workers to your place of business
  • Have a sustainability plan you must follow? GO MAINE can help; we can work with your sustainability coordinator to promote all kinds of green commutes
  • Need a morale boost? GO MAINE can help, a lot of Mainers have long commutes and studies show that these long haul commuters who carpool arrive at work less stressed.
  • Need a public relations boost? GO MAINE can help, when your employees find economical, healthy and eco-friendly ways to work it makes you look good.

GO MAINERS come from over 600 organizations across the state. For example at The Jackson Labs in Bar Harbor there are happy employees who get help with their long commutes by taking the bus or carpooling to work. In Portland MEMIC has worked to pay for transit passes for those employees who have given up their parking spaces. The Gulf of Maine Research Institute has created an enthusiasm for carpooling, biking and walking to work; just look at all the bikes!


Every October GO MAINE holds Way 2 GO MAINE a business to business commuter challenge across Maine, click here to learn more.GoMaine_Way-2-Go-block-no-icons.png


Help is on the way

GO MAINE makes it easy to establish a successful commuter program at your business. We provide what you need, brochures, posters, and an amazing ridematching service and REWARDS!

We will staff information tables, do lunch and learns (see below), attend wellness fairs to help spread the word and provide an easy way for employees to sign up—right on site.

GO MAINE stays on the job with you, working with your staff to provide ongoing assistance so your employees always have the money saving, carbon-footprint-reducing, rewarding information they need.



Lunch and Learn

GO MAINE will come to  your business to let your employees know all about green commuting in Maine. 
Your employees will learn:

    •The benefits of taking a green commute to work

    •How to sign up for GO MAINE

    •How to be rewarded for green trips

    •All about Way 2 GO MAINE

All GO MAINE Services are free for more information contact Rebecca Grover, GO MAINE Coordinator at 
rgrover@maineturnpike.com or 207-482-8122
GO MAINE is a program of the Maine Turnpike Authority and the MaineDOT


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