Released: 01/13/2016

You do know as a GO Mainer you are legible for the Emergency Ride Home Benefit? In the case of a work day emergency you can have a rental car for the day or in some areas a taxi ride home??

Did you know that you must record your trips (at least 3 round trips in the last 7 days) in order to get the Emergency Ride Home? But you are doing that anyway, right??  You should be recording your trips, it’s how you get rewarded for your green trips!

Recording your trips is easy, you create a trip,  save it if you do it regularly and you can record your trips up to 30 days in advance, you don’t have to do it everyday.  GO Maine has made it so easy!

So the lesson here is: RECORD YOUR TRIPS ! It is how you can get the Emergency Ride Home, it is how you get great rewards and it also gives the awesome people at GO Maine great data to help with the program.

Happy Commuting!!!