COVID 19 has affected GO MAINE's Emergency Ride Home

Released: 04/13/2020

GO MAINE’s Emergency Ride Home (ERH) benefit is a ride home in case of a workday emergency such as an illness, unscheduled over time or a family crisis. During the COVID 19 pandemic the taxi companies that we use in several urban areas for ERH are no longer in service. For the many Mainers who are no longer commuting to work, this will not be an issue, but if you are still taking a green commute to work (carpooling or taking transit), please follow the directions here to use Enterprise Rent a Car for your Emergency Ride Home. In some areas this may result in a long wait time to get a ride because of the proximity of the nearest Enterprise agent.

The exception to the rule is Jackson Lab in Bar Harbor. Since GO MAINE relies on taxis to provide ERH in Bar Harbor, ERH at Jackson Lab is suspended indefinitely. We will continue to monitor the situation. The appropriate administrative officials at Jackson Lab have been informed.

Remember in order to use the ERH you must be a member of GO MAINE and recording your green commutes.
We will update our ERH website and post on social media when the taxis are back in service.
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please stay well during this pandemic.