Released: 09/19/2018

For IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 19, 2018                                                      Contact: Rebecca Grover
PORTLAND Maine- GO MAINE, Maine’s commuter support program, is celebrating National Rideshare Month with the second annual Way 2 GO MAINE, a Business vs. Business Commuter Challenge starting October 1. The goal of the month long event is to use friendly competition encourage employers to inspire their employees to use greener commuting. Green commute trips include carpools, vanpools, transit, walking, biking and telecommuting.

Way 2 GO MAINE is a great team-building, healthy, carbon footprint-reducing, money saving event for employers and employees,” said Rebecca Grover, GO MAINE Coordinator. “We want to make it fun and easy and tap into everyone’s competitive spirit.”

Commuters can sign up (or sign in, if already a GO MAINE member) at and then log the greener trips they take. They can also track their organization’s progress on a state of the art leaderboard and track their organizations progress. Participants can also see data like gallons of gas saved, calories burned and the percent of greener trips taken by mode, like bike, bus, walk, carpool. Grand prizes will be awarded to employers for most trips taken, most new GO MAINE members signed up and most team spirit. Individual commuters will also receive ongoing event swag and rewards for commuting another way. And new this year, there will be weekly prize drawings for participating commuters of at least $100 in value.

Last year’s event was a great success with over 400 new GO MAINE members signing up. A new employer to the program, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, won 2 of the event categories. Ellen Grant, GMRI Chief Operating Officer, said “We had fun and it built staff morale. The challenge got people thinking about their own commuting, and people sought out different ways to get to work. And then we got competitive! We really wanted to win and people rallied. It was definitely a team building activity!” Other photos and stories can be found at the website under Programs and searching for #Way2GOMAINE on social media.
“Mainers have some long commutes which are expensive and carpooling can cut those costs and the associated stress in half or more. For those who can, walking and biking and taking the bus or train are also healthy options. Our hope is that, if commuters try it during Way 2 GO MAINE, they will do it more often - freeing up parking spaces, reducing traffic, cleaning the air and saving money,” Grover said.

GO MAINE is a statewide commuter program funded by the Maine Turnpike Authority and the Maine Department of Transportation.

For more information on Way 2 GO MAINE or GO MAINE visit or contact Rebecca Grover at 207-482-8122 or