2020 Toolbox for Way 2 GO MAINE

Rick-Harbison-GPCOG-Portland-photo-(2).jpgHere's to having fun, strutting your stuff, and inspiring other commuters during this out-of-the-ordinary Way 2 GO MAINE event! Check out, share and Celebrate the Great Green Commute with the following.

And make sure to get credit by posting photos and video of yourself and others using any of the  tools below! We're on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - and remember to tag with #Way2GOMAINE and the name of your workplace! (Note: If you're not on social media, just ask a friend, family member or co-worker to post for you - or email GO MAINE and we can.)

Fun Promotional Materials: Commuting Tips During COVID-19
  • Telecommuting Tips - Ideas and resources for how to make it all go smoothly: working from home, supervising employees who are working from home, and creating long-term telework policies for your workplace.
  • Smart Tips for Carpooling, Vanpooling and Riding the Bus or Train - We know sharing rides and using public transportation seems a little daunting right now. Here are the latest safety tips and online information to keep it low-risk.
  • Telecommute Bingo - Add some fun to your October. Challenge any of your co-workers, family and friends who are working from home, too!
  • Travel-to-Work Bingo - Similar to the above and to spice up the physical trip to and from your workplace. Don't forget to get your friends, family and co-workers in on this action, too!
  • Mad Libs - Download, print and have a blast with these - a favorite with kids and adults alike!
  • Discover Your Commute Animal Alter Ego - Are you an Exploring Tortoise or a Speeding Komodo Dragon or something else entirely? Find out and get credit by posting your results!
  • Way 2 GO MAINE Word Search - Can you find everything on the list? How quickly can you do it compared with your co-worker, your middle schooler, your mother?
Celebrating You with Commuter Profiles:
  • Caryn-Jacobs-Commuter-Profile.jpgAs a way to offer kudos for all your work and inspire others to commute another way, we're always collecting quick commuter profiles from folks like you - and GO MAINERS in general - who walk, bike, take the bus or train, carpool or vanpool or telecommute to work. Thanks to those of you who have already submitted yours! 
  • You can see versions of profiles for folks we've developed so far in this folder (and an example at right). Feel free to share these to inspire your co-workers, family and friends. We'd especially like to give a shout-out to you all by sharing your commuter profiles throughout the next weeks and months - via GO MAINE's web site, social media and for next year's Way 2 GO MAINE Challenge.