Park-and-ride_bike-e1322680953618-225x300.jpgThe No. 1 choice of GO MAINE commuters, and here’s why

  • IT’S FREE. Online ridematching for carpool, vanpool and bicycle commuters is free. Find the train, bus and park and ride lots that are on your way too.
  • IT’S MOBILE. Have a smart phone or tablet? We’ve got you covered. Find a match, record your commute and even get rewards.
  • GET REWARDED. Sign up and get points for greener trips. Receive 1,000 points just for signing up!
  • IT COMES WITH INSURANCE. On your regular commute, if you get stuck and need a ride home, you can take a taxi and we cover it. It’s the Emergency Ride Home Benefit.
  • TAKE CARPOOLING FOR A TEST DRIVE. You can find rides for work or school. What are you waiting for? Click Here​! It’s free and easy!

The Emergency Ride Home Benefit and other great benefits!

You may be eligible for the Emergency Ride Home Benefit  – a free (or reimbursed) taxi ride or rental car home in the event of illness, family crisis, unscheduled overtime or any other unforeseen workday emergency.

The GO MAINE ridematching system also comes with a trip calendar to track your commutes, the money you’re saving and your environmental impact. It’s easy.

If you don’t see a carpool match keep checking back. Our database is growing all the time. Invite your friends and coworkers, the more the merrier!