Vanpools have it all: Comfort, convenience & savings

NOTE: Please read COVID-19 Tips for Carpooling and Vanpooling here.

Vanpools are comfortable and convenient, save you money, and reduce air pollution and traffic congestion by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.


20141220_123752-300x169.jpgVanpools Serving Mainers

There are several vanpools in the state. Some are run by private vanpool companies and others are run by commuters just like you. Below are the vans that are registered with GO MAINE and the contact information. If you have any questions or want more information about starting a vanpool please contact the GO MAINE team at GOMAINE@MAINETURNPIKE.COM.


For more information about starting new van routes please contact our partner: Commute with Enterprise



At Enterprise  you can contact
Heather at: 708-473-2404 cell

Here are the vans they run in Maine

Van # 10VP-014908

Departs 6:10am Falmouth

Arrives 7:20am VA Medical Center-Togus, Augusta

Departure Time Home: 4:00pm


Van # 10VP-014920

Departs 6:30am Lisbon Falls

Arrives 7:25am VA Medical Center-Togus, Augusta

Departure Time Home: 4:30pm


Van # 10VP-014941

Departs 5:30am Bangor

Arrives 7:00am Camp Keyes, 194 Winthrop St, Augusta

Departure Time Home: 4:30pm
2 Open Seats


Van # 10VP-014971

Departs 6:00am Pittsfield

Arrives 7:00am State Offices, Augusta

Departure Time Home: 4:30pm


Van # 10VP-014910

Departs 6:35am Portland

Arrives 7:45am Elkins Lane, Augusta

Departure Time Home: 4:20pm


Van # 10VP-014923

Departs 5:45am Ft. Fairfield

Arrives 6:30am 27 Arkansas Rd, Limestone

Departure Time Home: 3:00pm

Van #10VP-019291
Van Buren to Limestone
Arrives in Limestone at 6:30am
Deparure Time Home: 3:00pm

Van #10VP-019572
Bangor to Augusta
Depart Bangor 5:30am
Arrives in Augusta at 7:00am
Departure Time Home:4:30pm

Van #10VP-026942
Waterville to Bangor
Depart Waterville 6am
Arrives in Bangor Hayes Street and Hildreth Street 7:05am
Departure Time Home 4PM



(these vanpools are operated by private individuals, contact information may change without notice to GO MAINE)

Van P1
Travels Augusta to Portland
Starts at 6:40 from 10 Whitten Rd in Augusta, arrives in Portland at 7:30
Departs Portland at 4:30, arrives in Augusta at 5:50
Contact: Valerie Cordwell 776-4762

Van P2
Travels from Lyman with stops in Kennebunk to PNS
Starts at 5:30 from Lyman, arrives at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard at 6:20
Afternoon: Departs Portsmouth Naval Shipyard at 3:50, arrives in Lyman at 4:25
Contact Steven Harris  at

Van P5
Travels from Marginal Way in Portland to North Augusta with a stop in Yarmouth
Starts at 6:50 from Marginal Way park and ride, arrives Augusta at 7:45
Departs Augusta at 4:30, arrives in Portland at 5:45
Contact 239-7906 for more information

Van P6
Travels from Portland to Augusta
Starts at 6:50, arrives in Augusta at 7:50
Departs Augusta at 4:35, arrives in Portland at 5:35

Contact Mark:

Van P7
Travels from Portland to Augusta
Starts at 6:55, arrives in Augusta at 8:00
Departs Augusta at 4:35, arrives in Portland at 5:40

Contact Tom Bradley: 807-5315


**Remember if you sign up for a vanpool, sign up with GO MAINE to get rewards including the Emergency Ride Home Benefit.


Carpools are a viable alternative to a vanpool. Log in to your GO MAINE account to search for potential carpool partners. GO MAINE staff can assist with the carpool search process as needed, so please let us know. For help contact us at 1-800-280-RIDE or